CFS Experiences Survey


CFS Experiences sought for inclusion in a book about CFS/ME/CFIDS:

Dr. Herman Salton, a researcher from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, seeks information about patient experiences with CFS.  Dr. Salton is a researcher preparing a book along with Italian co-author Dr. Umberto Tirelli, a participant in the international study group which produced the 1994 US CDC definition of CFS.  They hope to raise awareness about CFS/ME in order to increase public understanding, increase institutional funding of related research, and garner the attention of the medical community.

An online anonymous survey tool is provided at  Either use the online survey tool to respond, or complete the survey by using either link below for a 22 item questionnaire:

Responses are requested soon.  If you wish, you may submit responses without any identifying information.  If you use one of the downloaded questionnaires (instead of the online survey tool) but want to avoid disclosing your e-mail address when sending your responses, RMCFA will receive your hand edited questionnaires at, remove your e-mail address, and forward your responses to Dr. Salton.


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