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We did not manage to hold a Membership and Board Meeting in the first few months of 2014 (with purpose to see if RMCFA can be revitalized by the volunteer help of more people).  We still hope to hold a meeting of some sort, now looking to June, July, or August.


REMEMBER:  Perfumes, Colognes, Scented Products, etc. are NOT allowed.
Such products cause many problems for people with ME/CFS and/or FM!



Future Events:

Education/Presentation Meeting

     ■  not scheduled at this time

2013 Discussion/Support Group Meeting Series

     ■  not scheduled at this time

2012 Notes:  No volunteer Meeting Coordinator has emerged to help RMCFA with plan and hold meetings.  Our attempt to shift the location of discussion meetings around to various parts of the greater Denver metro area was only minimally successful, yeilding meetings at Arvada Library and Eloise May (ease Denver) Library in addition to SouthGlenn (Centennial) library mostly used in 2011.

Discussion Series:  RMCFA's Discussion/Support Group Meeting series, started in March 2011, had been going rather well.  Please feel free to join us, whenever and wherever meetings are held.  See RMCFA's Discusssion Group Guidelines.


Sharable Contact Data

Many have granted permission for RMCFA to share their contact data with others who also share their contact data.  This helps build a larger community of RMCFA members who are able to contact each other.  Also, this helps "decentralize."  RMCFA "central" leaders don't have answers for everyone's questions.  This list provides access to others who might be able to answer questions you have.
      See this data form to sign up (which shows you the kind of data the list contains).  You may mail the form as indicated, or you may email the information requested on that data form (without the form or "signature") to Tim Smith at link@rmcfa.org.  (If emailed, for security I'll email it back to you for confirmation you control the email address provided.)
      "Rules" governing the use of the Sharable Contact Data list are as follows:

  • This list is for personal use only for purposes derived out of RMCFA related interaction.
    • Commercial use is prohibited.
  • Endorsing any product or service is unwise and is prohibited.
    • Medical Advice is not to be offered or considered received.
  • Contact data which RMCFA has permission to share will be accumulated and distributed to all on the list.
Please feel free to e-mail us other ideas about events in which you are interested.


event archive
General Notes regarding all RMCFA events ...
  • Visitors are always welcome.  Reservations are not needed.
  • Events are always free to attend.
    • We operate as a charity -- donations are welcome; no dues are required.
  • Perfumes and other scented products are not allowed at RMCFA events.
  • Marketing of products or services is not allowed.
  • Sometimes planned events must be changed a few days before the scheduled meeting. Confirm event plans by checking this web page or calling our phone line (303-4-CFS-FMS; 303-423-7367).
  • RMCFA does not dispense medical advice, and does not endorse any product, service, test or treatment. For medical advice, we ask you to please consult your doctor.

Meeting Locations:

  • National Jewish Health (NJH) events are typically educational meetings held from 1 to 3 pm in Heitler Hall at the National Jewish Health campus, 1400 Jackson Street, Denver, CO on the SouthWest corner of Colorado Blvd and Colfax Ave (see map).
    • To arrive, turn south from Colfax onto Jackson Street.
    • Parking is on the west side of Jackson Street.
    • Heitler Hall is on the east side of Jackson Street; enter at the Main Entrance.
    • See NJH "campus map"
      • park in "Patient Parking" lot
      • enter at "Main Entrance"
      • Heitler Hall is in the "Goodman" building, toward the parking lot.
      • Notice "North" is to the left, not up, on that campus map.
    • Main Entrance...

      Heitler Hall is in this Goodman building,
      on the first floor.

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  • Arvada Library events are typically discussion/support group meetings.
    • The library is about 1.5 mile north of I-70 and Wadsworth (map).  More specifically, it is in Arvada at 7525 W. 57th Ave., on the northwest corner of 57th Ave and Webster Street, two blocks south of Ralston, and about two blocks west of Wadsworth Bypass (or one block east of Old Wadsworth Blvd).
      • Viewing a detailed map is recommended to see the general layout of the streets.
      • See this detailed map for approaching the library from I-70 and Wadsworth.
      • In words:
        • The library is about a mile north of I-70 and Wadsworth Blvd.
        • From I-70, go north on Wadsworth Blvd and Bypass about 1.2 mile
        • turn left at Ralston Rd traffic light,
        • turn left in two blocks, onto Webster St,
        • after 4-way stop at Grant Place, find parking on the left and the library on the right, before 57th St.
    • Located in Olde Town Arvada, a parking lot is available to the east, across Webster Street.  On street parking is also available.
    • While we hope people can be "on time," please feel free to join us "late" if you have trouble finding the library or parking!
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  • SouthGlenn Library (SGL) events are typically discussion/support group meetings, (but occasionally an education meeting) held at varying times in varying rooms, located in the recently renovated The Streets at SouthGlenn shopping area on the southwest corner of Arapahoe Road and University Blvd in Centennial.  Internet mapping systems don't pinpoint SGL very well by its street address.  Instead this google map shows various locations at and near the library.
    • Parking is available in a five-story parking structure on the southwest corner of the shopping area.
      • For personalized directions to the south parking garage entrance, use this google map, enter your address in "A", and click "Get Directions"
      • More general, this google map link shows various approaches to the south entrance (at marker "H") of the parking garage.
    • A nice "concierge lobby," a great place to gather/chat before or after the meeting, is on the first floor next to the garage elevator
    • The Library is across the street from the east entrance to the parking garage (i.e., across the street and just a little south/right of the Concierge Lobby).
      • Enter on the first floor, and take the stairs or elevator to the second floor library.  The meeting rooms are then at the other end (east end) of the library.
      • You may bring covered snacks/beverages through the library, and open/consume them in the meeting room.
    • Many restaurants, shops, etc. are available nearby.  See a color flyer of The Streets at SouthGlenn at www.shopsouthglenn.com/uploaded-files/sg-directory.pdf (257KB -- two pages; diagram has north to the right, not up as is typical).
    • Required Notice for our use of SouthGlenn Library:  Granting of permission by the Arapahoe Library District to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library District Staff or Board of Trustees.
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  • Eloise May Library (EML) events are typically discussion/support group meetings held at varying times in varying rooms, located in Denver at 1471 South Parker Road, on the north west corner of Parker Road and Florida Ave in east Denver.  See map.
    • From expressways to the library, see appropriate map for your direction of arrival
      • From East (I-225 & Mississippi), see this map.
      • From SouthEast (I-225 & Parker), see this map.
      • From close North (I-70 & Quebec), see this map.
      • From far NorthEast (I-76 & Vasquez), see this map.
      • From South, West, or far North (I-25 & Evans), see this map.
    • Parking is available next to the library, or across Parker Road if necessary.
    • Meeting rooms are on the left just after coming in the main entrance.
    • Required Notice for our use of Eloise May Library:  Granting of permission by the Arapahoe Library District to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library District Staff or Board of Trustees.
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RMCFA is a publicly supported charity. Your donations enable our efforts, and are tax deductible as for other charities.


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