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Donors and Contributions


We thank all our donors and volunteers in recent years.  You are all heroes and your contributions make our work possible. We are sincerely grateful for your support!



Graphic Designs

RMCFA would like to thank Beth Skelley (Beth Skelley Designs) and John Paul Lumpp (Wingate Designs) for their graphic design contributions to RMCFA. Beth's design (left) and one of John's designs (right) will be featured in a number of our publications throughout 2011. Please let them both know how much we appreciate their extraordinary efforts for RMCFA.


We also thank the following long term contributors:

National Jewish Health

    National Jewish Health
    Global leader in respiratory, immune and allergic disorders

  • NJH has geenerously provided meeting space
    to RMCFA for more than two decades.


Noel & Krieger, Attorneys at Law
James L. Noel and Michael S. Krieger,

  • regular RMCFA donors who provide SSDI and LTD legal services to many patients with ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia 








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