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Discussion Group Guidelines


Notes and Guidelines about 

RMCFA's Discussion/Support Group Meetings

RMCFA's Discussion/Support Group Meetings ...

  • are for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia patients and family/friends.
  • are for the purposes of
    • building community.
    • dealing with everyday coping.
    • swapping tips about community resources.
    • giving and receiving support and encouragement.
    • sharing personal experience as opposed to providing advice.
  • are not for personal counseling.
  • are not professionaly led therapeutic groups.
  • are not for anyone marketing anything.
  • are open for anyone to attend at any time:
    • no prior participation is required;
    • visitors are always welcome;
    • reservations are not needed.

Please note:  many of us are extremely overly sensitive to scented products
-- please avoid wearing scented products to our meetings.

Guidelines for Discussion/Support Group Meetings are as follows:

  • Confidentiality is to be maintained:
    • Let others control when and where their information is discussed.
  • Privacy is to be maintained:
    • Any personal contact data you obtain is for your personal use only.
  • Avoid Monopolizing too much group discussion time.
  • Attempt to maintain a Positive Attitude in spite of our various struggles.
  • Avoid Offering Medical Advice:
    • Share what you've experienced or heard.
    • Allow others to make their own choices regarding any information shared.
  • No Selling Allowed :
    • It is alright to share information about potentially helpful products or services only if neither you nor a friend of yours has a financial interest conflict.
    • Do not use contact data derived from a group meeting to promote any product, service, test, or treatment, either in group discussion or in subsequent interaction.
    • We've recently gathered our conflict of interest policies together here.
  • NOTICE: The Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association, including any person who attends Discussion/Support Group Meetings, does not dispense medical advice or endorse any product, service, or medical hypothesis, and assumes no responsibility for tests or treatments undertaken by members or visitors.  For medical advice, please consult a medical professional.

Questions may be directed to Tim Smith, RMCFA President,
link@rmcfa.org, 303-423-7367 (303-4-CFS-FMS).



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