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 Simply click the above button to begin the donation process, which uses PayPal.
If you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please let us know - contact us.
We will thank donors unless otherwise notified

New to PayPal?

If you have never used PayPal and are not so sure about using it, feel free to try clicking the button to see how the process works.  You won't be charged anything without taking further specific action to select a donation amount, choose a payment method, and finalize your donation.   To cancel making a donation, you may click a link to return to this page, or use your browser's "Back" button.


A pre-existing PayPal account speeds up the process of donating, and allows you to donate from your bank account or your credit card if already associated with your PayPal account.  However, a PayPal account is not needed to just donate using a credit card.

After clicking the "PayPal Donate" button above, you will be shown a custom RMCFA / PayPal page on which you may designate the amount to donate, then select "Update Total," then choose to use a PayPal account, or to "continue" without a PayPal account.

After finalizing your donation, you will have an opportunity to print a receipt.  RMCFA will automatically be notified about your donation.  You will also receive a receipt from RMCFA via postal mail (by early next year).

Your bank account or credit card will be charged only for the exact amount you specify.  You don't pay any fees.  RMCFA does pay PayPal a small fee to process the donation.  If you'd rather, we welcome checks made out to RMCFA sent to our address of record (2160 S Sherman St, Denver, CO  80210).  Yet we welcome donations in whatever form is most convenient for you.

Thanks for your support!


If you are wondering about our Name:

  • RMCFA was incorporated in August 1991 under our still underlying "true name," Rocky Mountain CFS Association, Inc., which you can find registered with the IRS at this link.   Our Tax ID number is 84-1178034.
  • In March 2000 we expanded to include FIbromyalgia, and assumed the trade name Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association, a name which continues to be valid and which you may sometimes still see.
  • In November 2010, in accord with the widespread change of the name "CFS" to include the alternate name "ME" (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), we updated to the new trade name Rocky Mounation CFS/ME & FM Association.


   Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association   |   303-4-CFS-FMS  ( 303-423-7367 )