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November 8, 2011  Chase Giving Project 

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Chase Community Giving Starts Today 
November 8th - Please Vote!

You Can Be All Be Part Of The Chase Community Giving Project AND RAISE A SERIOUS CHUNK OF MONEY FOR RMCFA!


Over $3 Million will be shared by 100 small charities,  

and it's up to you to help decide which ones!  


100 eligible charities with the most votes will share $3.025 million dollars in grants, with awards as follows:  

1 charity will receive $250,000, 4 charities will receive $100,000, and 95 charities will receive $25,000.


This is a Unique opportunity for RMCFA  

Please help us take advantage! 


To vote:  

Need will need a Facebook account 

(You can delete it after you vote if you wish)   


"Like" the Chase Community Giving page


Click on link below - "Like" the RMCFA - then vote  

Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association  




Also, Please share and ask your friends and family to vote  


We sincerely thank you for your continued support!

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