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CFSAC meeting was held  

November 8-9th


CFSAC will have the full audio and video of the November 8-9 meeting archived soon on the CFSAC website     



PANDORATOWN HALL - Our Voices, Our Message, Our Lives- We Need a Hero Campaign  


Please join us on Nov 16, 2011- 12:00 PM for PANDORA's first Virtual Town Hall with Mr. Patrick Erin Murphy, a candidate running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Mike Munoz will be a panelist. If you are unable to attend, PANDORA will be archiving.




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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suzanne Vernon PH.D.

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CFIDS Association  of America 
4-6 PM
Koelbel Library
5955 South Holly Street, Littleton

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CFSAC Recommendation Affirms Coalition 4 ME/CFS ICD-10 Proposal to NCHS


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RMCFA and the Coalition 4 ME/CFS would like to thank the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC) for making a strong statement in support of the Coalition's proposal to reclassify CFS in the clinical manual used in the U.S.  That proposal was submitted to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) that will be making the decision.  



Mike Munoz, RMCFA Executive Director, testimony to the CFSAC Committee on behalf of RMCFA and the Coalition 4 ME/CFS regarding the IDC-10-CM proposal can be read here


Prior to reading the recommendation and before the vote, Dr. Nancy Klimas said to other CFSAC members: "The concept here is that Option 1 was, in the feeling of our subcommittee, the best of the options to be lumpers rather than splitters on the terminology of ME/CFS and post viral syndrome, put that all together, with the idea that we are moving toward name change and the name change is likely to not be multiple names. And to have multiple divisions is going to be rather difficult when we have this ICD-10 thing come upon us for quite some time. If we could put things under a single code, I think we are going to be more successful in our name change effort." The coalition has prepared  a letter to medical professionals
why the coalition option 1 is preferred.  


You can see the video of this the CFSAC Committee vote, part of the historic change that will improve the quality of life of all with ME/CFS in the United States and other countries.


Please sign this petition to send comments in support of Coalition Option 1 and rejecting NCHS Option 2 before the November 18, 2011 deadline.  


If you have further questions, please see the Coalition FAQ page and the coalition proposal.



Rituximab shows early success in Norwegian study published in PlosONe 


Two injections of the cancer drug Rituximab, (a B-cell suppressor) which suppresses the immune system, relieved chronic fatigue symptoms in 10 of 15 patients in a phase II trial. This supports the theory that CFS has an autoimmune component.   


Two articles:


ABC News  



 News and Views



Sleep Differences Separate Fibromyalgia From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - about.com - also Prohealth 


Savella Brings Relief Long-Term in Fibromyalgia - Medpage today  


Dr. Daniel Peterson describes the pilot study that NIDA is going to help fund - RMCFA YouTube channel video

PANDORA wins CITGO fueling for good

IACFS/ME conference summary - Dr Charles Lapp

Scientist Who Led XMRV Research Team Let Go - Amy Dockser Marcus

XMRV Theory Is Set Back in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study

Study: Exercise may help memory of Fibromyalgia patients



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