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02/03/2011 eMail Reminder


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February 3, 2011 


Reminder Notice

RMCFA offers you a special event this Saturday, 2/05/11, unlike any we've had before. 


Through music, particularly the lyrics, you have opportunity to reflect on and discuss various aspects of coping with chronic illness.  Family or friends are also welcome. 


Join us for "Rise Above:  an Interactive Music Event," from 1-3 pm at National Jewish Health, featuring songwriter Dean Brantley Taylor, his songs, and facilitated discussion about the song content.  With Dean's lyrics available to read along, we'll hear recordings made by Dean's friends.  The songs explore topics such as:

  • times of feeling OK ... and times of feeling FRAGILE and vulnerable 
  • AUTHENTICITY with a partner when illness/adversity is involved
  • FAITH, personified and helping cope with adversity
  • living with CONSTRAINTS of chronic illness
  • anticipating GOOD DAYS yet to come
  • hanging onto HOPE

For more details, see our event page, also accessible from our home page, www.rmcfa.org

Best regards,

Tim Smith, President

Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association


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