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Dr. Vernon speaks!
We would like to thank Dr. Suzanne Vernon for speaking to RMCFA on October 16, 2010. Watch our Facebook Page and website for a recap of the meeting

Tell Us Your Story

If you would like us to
 tell your CFS or FM story before and after you became ill, we will be featuring patient stories
 in future e-news letters.


We are also looking for patients who would be willing to do press interviews when the occasion arises.

If you are interested contact Mike Munoz at link@rmcfa.org

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the graphic designers who submitted designs: John Lumpp, Beth Skelley, Tierra Lalk, Anna Zapp, Alan Vaughn and Stan Frahm. We could not have done it without you all! More to come...


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Happy Thanksgiving and
Thank you for supporting RMCFA

Mike Munoz
Communications Director, RMCFA
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Please come join us on Facebook!

We will be sharing the latest news, research, events, videos, commentary, patient stories, occasional humor and how you can get involved to make a difference. Come on over and join in the conversation.
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RMCFA Joins Awareness  Campaign

We are honored to be joining forces with the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, PANDORA, the Wisconsin ME/CFS Association and The Vermont CFIDS Association in a major awareness ad campaign. You can read more about the ad campaign here.
For more information check our Facebook page and website as the campaign progresses.

Who's Who.... and
Unite to Fight!

RMCFA in this and upcoming issues will be featuring people of the front lines of advocacy, education, research, and patient care, in what we feel is an important effort to speak with one voice and unite the CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia community. 
We believe that change and a cure will only happen if we
Unite to Fight!.

We are proud to introduce Cort Johnson as our first front line advocate. Cort, a decades long CFS patient (and patient advocate) publishes the "Phoenix Rising" website which features research, news and an online community where some of the smartest people in the community gather to share thier stories, views and news.

Cort, a frequent visitor to most advocate events, the latest at last month's CFSAC meeting, has published research articles and updates for many organizations including CAA's Chronicle. Our personal favorite here at RMCFA is the "
The XMRV Buzz! - the CFS/ XMRV News Page where Cort keeps everyone up to date on the latest on XMRV and related topics. He is also out with his latest blog, "Bringing the Heat: An ME/CFS Blog".

If you would like to see Cort in action, see his video testimony at the CFSAC meeting on October 13, 2010...
(You will need to click on "public comment - speaker 9" on the lower left side) Stop by Phoenix Rising and let Cort know how much you appreciate how much he is doing for the community.

News and Webinars...


The American College of Rheumatology Preliminary Diagnostic Criteria for Fibromyalgia and Measurement of Symptom Severity

The Stars Begin to Align at the NIH: A CFS Review Panel.... For CFS

Gearing Up for the Big Search for XMRV - Amy Dockser Marcus - WSJ

NIH Invests $3.4M in Michigan Team's Fibromyalgia Research - Prohealth

AHA: Orthostatic Hypotension Requires Attention

Seabiscuit' author Hillenbrand back with true tale 'Unbroken' USA Today

Seeking New Blood-Supply Test - Amy Dockser Marcus - WSJ

Educational Webinars:

CAA's Expanding Research: Suzanne Vernon, PhD, Kathy Light, PhD, Alan Light, PhD, Gordon Broderick, PhD and Dikoma Shungu, PhD

CFS & The Viral Connection Speaker: Anthony Komoroff, M.D.

OFFER's 2010 Conference for Healthcare Providers and Patients

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee - Science Day