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September 2010 Notice of October Event

Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association
September 20, 2010


We are pleased to announce Suzanne Vernon, Ph.D.,

  • the Scientific Director of the CFIDS Association of America,
  • and earlier a 17-year veteran of the CDC,
  • will provide an Update on CFS Research, including XMRV/MLV
  • on October 16, 2010, 1-3 PM,
  • in Heitler Hall at National Jewish Health
    • (1400 Jackson St, Denver; on the SW corner of Colorado and Colfax).
This won't be a DVD/video appearance such as we've had in the past for such renowned speakers.  Dr. Vernon herself will be with us and will be available to answer questions!

Dr. Vernon is nationally and internationally known for her extensive efforts toward Solving CFS.  She may bring a formal presentation, conduct an informal meeting driven by attendees' questions, or something in between.  In any case, her appearance should be very informative.  For more information about Dr. Vernon, see the last entry at www.cfids.org/about/staff.asp.

RMCFA is grateful to Dr. Vernon for donating her time and expertise for this event, and to the CFIDS Association of America (CAA, www.cfids.org) for supporting her appearance in Denver.  Also, we are indebted to RMCFA member Tanja Bugas for offering to invite Dr. Vernon, and conducting with our approval all correspondence required to schedule this event.  Thanks Dr. Vernon and CAA, and thanks Tanja!

Other Notes:

  • Any CFS patients potentially willing to share your CFS experiences for inclusion in a book about CFS/ME/CFIDS, see this location on our home page, after the Next Event section.  (If you wish, you may respond while remaining anonymous.)
  • See additional Current RMCFA Notes (about:  not rescheduling the July Picnic, how Dr. Vernon came to be scheduled, a note to our FM-only members, and a note about requested support group meetings) on our Event Page.
Best regards,
Tim Smith
Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association
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