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June 2009 e-news

Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association (RMCFA)
June 2009
RMCFA e-news
Request for
Newsletter Ideas
RMCFA Progress
Future Events
How YOU may HELP
A new volunteer newsletter editor seeks ideas you have for regular features of a more full-featured RMCFA newsletter.  Please submit your ideas ASAP.  See next section below.
Feel free to e-mail Tim with any other questions, comments, etc.
Tim Smith, RMCFA President

Request for Newsletter Ideas

  • John Bonath has volunteered to put together a newsletter for RMCFA, perhaps quarterly.  Typically it will be e-mailed to this e-list and postal mailed to those who don't use e-mail.
  • Before each issue, John plans to solicit submissions for the issue, to be received by him by a designated deadline.  Today, John is asking for general ideas about how to structure the RMCFA newsletter.  If you have ideas, please respond to John's excerpted e-mail below.
  • Thanks for your help!

To:      RMCFA group
From:  John Bonath (send mail to:
Re:      future RMCFA newsletter

... I am asking you for suggestions about possible content for the newsletter. Please email me with suggestions of types of columns that have the possibility of being part of a regular structure of an RMCFA newsletter.

For example, a few things that I can start a list with are:
· web-links to articles on the internet relevant to this group
· a calendar with any important dates relating to group activities, etc.
· letters to the editor in regards to the newsletter and a short letter from the editor in regards to the newsletter
· a statement of purpose for the organization
· photos from group activities or images that go with newsletter content
· useful information to share with the group
What else can you all think of? Please e-mail suggestions to John at the above e-mail.


RMCFA Organizational Progress
By the fall of 2008, the set of RMCFA volunteers had dwindled to almost nobody.  We temporarily suspended meetings until organizational issues could be addressed.  In March we sent an e-mail asking for volunteer help (www.rmcfa.org/2009_03_letter.html).
Nearly two dozen people responded with various interests and levels of ability to help.  Spring snowstorms slowed progress, but we finally held two Volunteers' Meetings on May 3 and May 26.  As a result, RMCFA is starting to "revive" with a growing number of volunteers.
  • The RMCFA Board of Directors has increased to five people:  Paul Haines, Kitty Sherback, Tim Smith, Stacey Townsend, and Jane Wallace.
  • Tim Smith remains President.  Jane Wallace is our new Treasurer.
  • As noted above, John Bonath is taking on a Newsletter Editor role.
  • Various others are in various stages of helping plan and hold meetings, reviewing and enhancing our online services, planning to help with postal mailings, etc.
Since 1991, we've been a publicly supported charity. Your donations enable our efforts, and are tax deductible as for other charities.  Donations will be especially helpful this year, as we have been working behind the scenes to shore up our ability to serve those with CFS and FMS.

More About RMCFA

Future Events (more specific Event e-mails will be sent later)

RMCFA has now scheduled a few events for the second half of 2009, as follows:

  • Informal "Meet & Greet" Open House | Saturday July 11 | 1-3 pm  --  Please join us for an opportunity to meet new volunteers and discuss any ideas you have for how RMCFA can better serve the CFIDS/FMS community. -- Heitler Hall at NJH.
  • Resumed Annual Picnic | Saturday August 15 | 1-3 pm  -- "Patio Potluck" with RMCFA providing meats, plastic ware, paper goods; more details to come; to be held at the covered patio at NJH (outside, about 80 feet behind Heitler Hall).
  • (Tentative) Lecture Meeting | Saturday October 17 | 1-3 pm  --  We don't have a specific speaker confirmed yet; the date of this meeting may change to accommodate a speaker; stay tuned for a more specific plan -- Heitler Hall at NJH.

More Information about RMCFA Events

How YOU may HELP ...

Your donations make our work possible, and are tax deductible as for other charities.  Please
  • click the link below to donate online using PayPal,
  • mail any checks to RMCFA (see address below), or
  • donate at any of our events.

 If you are interested in volunteering, please

  • get to know us, and let us know you, by attending one or more meetings, and 
  • contact Tim at link@rmcfa.org. 
    • (If you have special interests and/or skills to offer, please so indicate.)

Thanks for your support!

RMCFA Donation Page

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