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March 2009 Letter:  "RMCFA:  Help Wanted"


Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association
March 18, 2009


RMCFA needs your volunteer help.  A meeting of volunteers will be held soon.  Please contact me ASAP if you are able to help.
RMCFA operates as a charity which provides services to Colorado area residents in four main areas:
  1. Responses to Inquiries from New Patients or Potential Members.
  2. Educational Meetings available to any Interested Attendees.
  3. Awareness Advocacy for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  4. Online Newsletters, Web Site Information, and a Local Message Board.
This is the first RMCFA e-mail since November, 2008.  Meetings have been temporarily suspended pending the recruitment of new volunteers.  Even so, services related to item 1 above have been handled in the mean time.
Multiple volunteer roles need to be handled.  Many roles don't even require you to leave your home, and attendance at the meeting of volunteers is not required for such roles.  Please consider if you might be suited for one of the following roles:  
  • Leadership: 
    • Board Members -- guide group and ensure 501(c)(3) compliance.
    • Officers
      • President -- coordinate volunteer efforts
      • Vice President -- back up the President
      • Secretary -- manage affiliate lists and record keeping
      • Treasurer -- manage and track finances and government reports
    • Advocates to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia and CFS
    • Event Handlers
      • Hosts for Lecture Meetings.
      • Facilitators for Discussion Meetings
      • Greeters for all meetings.
      • Refreshment Handlers for Lecture Meetings.
  • Administrative Functions:
    • Web Master.
    • Newsletter Editor.
    • Event Coordinators.
    • Speaker Committee Chair/Members.
    • Moderator(s) for an online message board.
    • Calling Tree Coordinator -- manage lists and callers
  • Helpers of various kinds:
    • Internet News Gatherers, to provide news links for sending out with RMCFA newsletters.
    • Callers, to provide information to members who don't use e-mail.
    • Fact checkers for our Local Medical Provider List.
    • Friendly and Stabilized Patients willing to take calls or e-mails from others looking for help, handling crises, etc.
To volunteer, please reply by e-mail or call 303-4-CFS-FMS (303-423-7367).  Any comments or questions are also welcome.
Thank you for considering what you can do to help RMCFA. (RMCFA Web Site.)
Tim Smith
Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association

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