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September 2008 e-news

Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association (RMCFA)

September 2008
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Dr. Jutta Worwag
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Next Event:

September 20 - 1 PM - Jutta Worwag, MD, MPH

Dr. Jutta Worwag is a German born fifth generation physician who was educated at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic and has studied under Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.  Her practice has a special focus on CFS/FM and she uses an integrative approach that includes alternative procedures such as medical acupuncture, Meyers IV cocktail, vitamin C IV, B-12 injections, and a far infrared sauna.
See related web links:     www.ivypainrehab.com/CF&FB.htm


Location: National Jewish Health | 1400 Jackson St | Denver (SW corner, Colo. & Colfax)


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In place of our usual News and Research

we have a brief Tribute to Mike Munoz


Mike Munoz has retired from his leadership role with RMCFA.  During his two year tenure, Mike began as our web site developer, became President, and ended with a period as our Board Chair -- all the while continuing as our webmaster.  Mike truly brought RMCFA into the 21st Century with a fine web site, upgraded e-mails, and a group phone line.  While President, Mike set up all the monthly events, attracted a few large corporate donations as well as more individual donations, always kept our spending "in the black," and spent much of his own time, energy, and funds to attend out of state seminars where he greatly improved RMCFA's image as seen across the country.

Thanks, Mike, for your dedicated service to RMCFA.
We wish the best possible health for you.




General Notes regarding our events ...

  • Visitors are always welcome.  Reservations are not needed.
  • Unless otherwise clearly noted, events are free to attend.
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, events sometimes must be changed at the "last minute."  Just before coming to an event, it's always best to confirm event plans by checking our web site (or calling our phone line anytime, day or night).

We are a publicly supported charity. Your donations enable our efforts, and are tax deductible as for other charities.

  • Except for special occasions, meetings are held from 1 to 3 pm in Heitler Hall at National Jewish Health (NJH), 1400 Jackson Street, in Denver, on the SouthWest corner of Colorado and Colfax.  Meetings are typically, though not always, held on the third Saturday of a month. 
  • Perfumes and other scented products are not allowed at NJH.
  • Marketing of products or services is not allowed.
  • The RMCFA does not endorse any product, service, test or treatment. For medical advice, we ask you to please consult your doctor.

More About Us

CFS and Fibromyalgia Resources

  • CDC Toolkit for CFS: Fact Sheets for Healthcare Professionals - click here
  • CFS Medication/Pharma Chart and Treatment Resource - click here
  • Treatment FYI: Controlling Pain - Benjamin Natelson, MD - click here
  • Ten Discoveries about the Biology of CFS - Anthony Komaroff, MD - click here
  • Maximizing Your Doctor Visits - Dr. Lucinda Batemen - click here (50 min. video)
  • Educational DVD on Fibromyalgia - click here (26 minute video)
  • RMCFA's list of Local Medical Providers - click here

More Resources


How YOU may HELP ...

Your donations make our work possible, and are tax deductible as for other charities.  Please
  • click here to donate online using PayPal,
  • mail any checks to RMCFA (see address below), or
  • donate at any of our events.

 If you are interested in volunteering, please

  • get to know us, and let us know you, by attending one or more meetings, and 
  • contact Tim at link@rmcfa.org.
    • (If you have special interests and/or skills to offer, please so indicate.)

Thanks for your support!

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