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June 2008 e-news
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June 2008
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Next Event: Lisa Corbin, M.D.
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Next Event:

June 28 - 1 PM - Lisa Corbin, M.D.

Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, UCHSC

"CAM We Talk?  Discussing Complementary and Alternative Medicine for CFS and FM" 

Location: National Jewish Medical Center 1400 Jackson St./Denver


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News and research 


  • Science of CFS: Past, Present and Future- webinar w/S. Vernon - click here
  • Muscle Pain in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) - click here
  • FDA Approves Cymbalta (Duloxetine) for Fibromyalgia - click here
  • Research Roundup - 3 fascinating studies - click here
  • CFS being caused by a rare brain infection? - click here
  • Study measured metabolic dysfunction of hippocampus in FM - click here
  • Alternative (to) Exercise - click here
  • CFS/Looking for a Breakthrough - CFIDS chronicle/winter 2008 - click here
  • Wichita Study of Cortisol and Interleukin 6 - click here
  • Conference to Examine Viral Infections in CFS - click here
  • Special Series: The Biology of Sleep - click here
  • Newly-recognized syndrome may exist in ME/CFS subset - click here
  • Low magnesium & zinc associated w/FM pain, fatigue levels - click here
  • A profile/survey of ME/CFS Patients - click here
  • Study suggests ME/CFS subsets with different sleep patterns - click here
More News and Research

CFS and FMS Resources Box

Future Events:

Event details and location to be announced later.

September 20, 2008:  1 PM | Dr. Jutta Worwag
, a German born fifth generation physician, who was educated at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic, and has studied under Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.  Her practice has a special focus on CFS/FM and she uses an integrative approach that includes alternative procedures such as medical acupuncture, Meyers IV cocktail, vitamin C IV, B-12 injections, and a far infrared sauna.

October 18, 2008:  1 PM | David Yates, D.C., an "Upper Cervical Doctor Chiropractor," educated at from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, specialized in caring for top two vertebra, speaking about the importance to FM and CFS patients of proper alignment of the top of the spine at the brain stem area.

November 15, 2008:  I 1 PM | Joe Swartz, M.D., and Gary Clark, M.D
., of the Center for Healing Injury and Pain in Boulder, speaking about five different causes of Fibromyalgia pain, and associated treatment approaches.  The discussion is expected to include traditional, alternative, structural, and osteopathic medicine, as well as treatment of post traumatic stress disorder.
*September, October and November lecture meetings will be held at National Jewish Medical Center, Heitler Hall
- 1400 Jackson St./Denver
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August 16, 2008:  1 PM I Annual Picnic
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