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April 2008 e-news
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April 2008
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Next Event:

Saturday, May 3 - 1 PM

Discussion Meeting - "Attendees Open Support Forum" 


Location: National Jewish Medical Center
1400 Jackson St./Denver


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News and Research

  • ME/CFS as a Mitochondrial Disease -Dr. David S. Bell, MD, FAAP - click here 
    &  NEW April 2008 Lyndonville newsletter - click here
  • Pain level in Fibromyalgia linked to neurotransmitter glutamate - click here
  • FM patients get less stage 2 sleep - and duration correlates with pain - click here
  • Etiology, Exercise and CFS By Suzanne Vernon, Phd - click here
  • The Research/Advocacy Connection - click here
  • Muscle Cell Fatigue w/Exercise Similar to Heart Failure Fatigue - click here
  • Early-life health problems unique to those developing ME/CFS? - click here
  • Cardiac tests differ in CFS & Fibromyalgia - click here
  • Dopamine Theory' doctor finds another piece of the FM puzzle - click here
  • More evidence of abnormal cortisol rhythms in ME/CFS - click here
  • Impact of ME/CFS on U.S. economy tops $18 billion a year - click here
  • Stress strong predictor of ME/CFS after parvovirus infection - click here
  • Your Immune System & How it Works/ William Collinge, PhD - click here
  • CFS Advisory Committee to Meet May 5-6 - click here
  • Recently Published CFS Studies - click here
  • Q&A with Scientific Director Suzanne Vernon -  CFIDS Association - click here


More News and Research

CFS and FMS Resources Box

Future Events:

June 28 - 1 PM - Lisa Corbin, M.D., Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, UCHSC "CAM We Talk?  Discussing Complementary and Alternative Medicine for CFS and FM"
Location: National Jewish Medical Center - 1400 Jackson St./Denver

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