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January  2008 e-news
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January 2008
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Thank you! for helping us further education, support, awareness and advocacy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
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Saturday, February 16  - 1 PM - Discussion Meeting (Rescheduled January event)
"Attendees Open Support Forum


Location : National Jewish Medical and Research Center

1400 Jackson St./Denver
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News and Research
  • CFS Gene Study Targets Serotonin Function - click here
  • FDA approvals of FM drugs seen increasing awareness, MD attention - click here
  • Updated estimate of U.S. Fibromyalgia prevalence released - click here
  •  DHHS CFS Advisory Committee report- click here
  • The Gene Teams - CFS Computational Challenge - click here
  • CFIDS Association names Dr. Suzanne Vernon Scientific Director - click here
  • CFS Heart Rate Dysfunction Persists in Sleep - click here
  • CFS News from Capitol Hill - click here
  • Q&A Session with R. Paul St. Amand, MD - click here
  • Mayo first definitive test for diagnosing Chronic Myofascial Pain - click here
  • Significant improvement with growth hormone in FM subset - click here
  • UK genomic profilers identify 7 ME/CFS subsets - click here
  • Brain scans sensory grey matter increase in Fibromyalgia patients - click here
  • Forest Labs And Cypress Announce Submission Of NDA For Milnacipran For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia Syndrome - click here
More News and Research
We would like to thank ALL  2007 Donors and Volunteers - We could not do it without you!

Judy Bernhardt
Sharon Bernia
Ray Buchanan
Tanja & Steve Bugas
Shannon Burke
Jan Christensen
Sarah Clausen
Todd Cowart
Heidi Cywinski
Donna Dugger

Kay Findlay
Priscilla C. Finnell
Stan R. Frahm
Yetti Gruenler
Pat Gurnick
Karen Hagans
Lynne Haist
Janet Hess
Les & Lois Hjelmstad
Stephanie Hoing
Jo Ann Hudson


Carl Hutchings
Kay Johnson
Bob Johnston
Janet Keeley
Irina Lioubenko
Georgiana Marshall
Trisha Melrose
Jeannie Muench

Mike Munoz
James L. Noel
Jordan Orleans
Joanne Ouellette
Jerrie Pairan
Janice Pelster

J.L. Prall-Kaliher
Karen Reese
Jade Scott
Kitty & Jim Sherback
Linda Smith
Pat Smith
Tim J. Smith

Martha Starick

Holly Swank Cummings
Nancy Thomas
Marc Tillinghast
Stacey Townsend
Stephanie Trusz
Bonnie Vanderveen
Tom Vincent
Jane F. Wallace
I. Carey Wettjen
Linda Wiggins
Jim Yaley
Patsy R. Young

CFIDS Association of America & CAA Staff

Pro Health, Inc. & Rich Carson


National Jewish Medical Center



We try very hard not to miss any donor or volunteer. If we missed giving thanks to anyone, please let us know so we can thank you for your support.

CFS and FMS Resources Box

Future Events:
Saturday, March 15th 2008 - 1 PM - Event TBA
Location : National Jewish Medical Center
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