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November 2007 e-news

Rocky Mountain
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November 2007
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Next Event: Dr. James Jones
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Thank you! for helping us further education, support, awareness and advocacy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
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Thank you to the CFIDS Association of America and the amazing volunteers that made the October "Know More Seminar" a huge success!
Next Event:

Saturday, November 10th - 1 PM - CFS Update

Dr. James Jones - Center for Disease Control 
Dr. Jones will update attendees on the latest CFS information and his work at the CDC followed by
a Q & A session

Location : National Jewish Medical and Research Center

1400 Jackson St./Denver
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News and Research

CFS and FMS Resources Box

Future Events:
No December event - Happy Holidays!

Saturday, January 19th - 1 PM - Discussion Meeting
"Attendees Open Support Forum"
Location : TBA
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