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September 2007

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Next Event: Dr. Chad Cotter - Saturday, September 15th

Important News and Research!

Future Events:


TWO Major Fall Seminars

CFIDS Association of America's "Know More Seminar" Denver
October 13th - Sheridan Denver West Hotel

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Dr. James Jones (CDC) comes back to Colorado on November 10th for a CFS update - National Jewish Medical Center

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We need volunteers for the fall seminar events - If you are interested c
ontact us at link@rmcfa.org



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Special note: If you would like your physician contacted concerning fall seminars and a special CFS/FMS physician training event in Denver - Please e-mail your physician's name and address to link@rmcfa.org



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  • Next Event: Dr. Chad Cotter - Saturday, September 15th - 1 PM

Saturday, September 15th - 1 PM
Dr. Chad Cotter
Cotter Family Chiropractic

National Jewish Medical Center 1400 Jackson St./Denver

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  • Important News and Research!

- CFS photo exhibit will be in Denver - October 11- 14 at Park Meadows Mall

-Dr. David Bell's August e-news letter --Cellular Hypoxia in Neuro-Immune Fatigue - click here

-Live Q&A session with Dr. Bateman - Friday. September 7th - click here

-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Exercise Conundrum- Dr. Bateman - click here

-Two New Studies Invite Fibromyalgia Patients' Participation - click here

-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Name Challenged- - click here

-Fibromyalgia Syndrome's New Paradigm: Neural Sensitization and Its Implications for Treatment - click here

-Management of patients with Fibromyalgia using biofeedback: A randomized control trial - click here

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  • Future Events:

- Saturday, October 13th - CFIDS Association America's "Know More Seminar" - Denver Sheraton Denver West Hotel- 360 Union Boulevard, Lakewood

- Saturday, November 10th - Dr. James Jones
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
National Jewish Medical and Research Center
1400 Jackson St./Denver

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