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March 2007
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Seminar Event: 
Karen Falbo, CN -
Saturday, March 24
 1 PM!

Important News and Research!

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CFS & Fibromyalgia Awareness Weekend - May 11-13

Lobby Day - May 14-15 in Washington DC

Fibromyalgia Awareness weekend May 11-13

Other Events: Offer Patient/Provider Conference - May 4 and 5

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  • Seminar Event: Karen Falbo, CN -
    Saturday, March 24 - 1 PM!
  •   seminar

    March Event:- Karen Falbo, CN - "Dietary Principles to Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Fatigue". Saturday, March 24 - 1 PM -

    Green Mountain Vitamin Cottage -12612 W Alameda Pkwy - Lakewood CO

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  • Important News and Research!

    View January IACFS Conference Summary By Anthony Komaroff, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School - - click here

    IACFS lecture "Making the Most of Your Doctors' Appointments" by Lucinda Batemen - click here

    Laymen's Guide/Recap to the 8th IACFS Professional Conference - Four part series by Cort Johnson - click here
    Pregabalin (Lyrica) Offers Pain Relief Option For Fibromyalgia in Long Term Study- click here

    CFS name change - What Is An Encephalopathy? -
    click here

    Exercise Testing Uncovers Abnormalities in CFS -
    click here

    The Disability Paradox, and How a Fibromyalgia Specialist Can Help Patients Preserve Gainful Employment - Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino, MD - click here

    Sleep Is Vital For Good Health - In CFS and FM by Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD - click here

    Whole-Genome ME/CFS Study Resumes: Recruits Subjects click here

    Politics and CFS Research- click here

      click here for more news and research
  • Future Events:

    April Event: Dr. Lee Smith - "Fibromyalgia Update" Saturday, April 21 - 1 PM - National Jewish Medical and Research Center - 1400 Jackson St. Denver

    May Event: Discussion Meeting - CFS or FM - Treatment Methods Tried and Results Obtained
    Saturday, May 19th - 1PM - National Jewish Medical and Research Center - 1400 Jackson St. Denver

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