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November 2006
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Group Event: November 18th!

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  • Group Event: November 18th!

Attorneys James Noel and Mike Krieger


November 18 - National Jewish Medical Research Center - 1:00 PM.


  • Feature Event: Social Security and Long Term Disability Related Legal Issues
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  • Important News!

CDC and the CFIDS Association of America's - CFS Public Awareness Campaign launch - click here

Replay - Awareness Campaign Press event - click here
View 6 minute video of the press conference - click here

NIH funds 7 grants for CFS - click here

Fibromyalgia news from Immunesupport - click here

View/Listen to the awareness campaign Public Service Announcements radio and TV spots - click here

RMCFA Awareness Campaign Press and Information Center - stay up to date on the latest news - click here

CFS Advisory Committee to Meet Nov. 20-21 - click here

Dr. Cheney's CFS & heart dysfunction video download - click here

Rich Carson launches "Campaign for a Fair Name" -
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Local Medical Care Provider List - click here

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  • Future Events:

December Event: Lunch - Friday, December 15 - Noon - Old Country Buffet - 301 Englewood Pkwy - Englewood, CO 80110

January Event: Dr. John O'Hearn - Fatigue and Fibromyalgia - January 20 - 1 PM - National Jewish Medical and Research Center

March Event:- Karen Falbo, CN - "Dietary Principles to Reduce Pain, Inflamation and Fatigue". Saturday, March 24 - 1 PM - Green Mountain Vitamin Cottage -

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