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News Announcement:


August 1, 2006




The Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association is pleased to announce the launch of our NEW website at http://www.rmcfa.org/index.html


The new website opens a new chapter for RMCFA with the most up to date news, education resources, research and RMCFA information.


As part of the website launch, we are also announcing our online newsletter.
The RM e-news Link online newsletter will keep you up to date on RMCFA organization news and event information; important news and links in CFIDS/FMS community locally and internationally; and information on how you can help spread awareness about these difficult disorders.


*To sign up for our new online newsletter visit http://www.rmcfa.org/enews.html or access sign up information on the “RM e-news LINK” page of the RMCFA website.


Our new online community will incorporate education resources for patients, physicians and families who are affected by these illnesses.


Also, stay tuned for new additions and developments to the organization and website over the next couple of months…






*Important - Please make sure you respond to the confirmation e-mail verifying your e-mail address or you will not receive the newsletter. We recommend that you add "link@rmcfa.org"  to your address book and turn off your spam or junk e-mail control to receive confirmation e-mail. Questions can be e-mailed to tech support at the same address




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