Chase Giving

Less than two minutes* of your time can make all the difference in the world...

Less than 2 minutes* of your time can significantly help RMCFA and those afflicted with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia!

* A little more time is needed if you don't already have a facebook account.

What's at stake:

After donating to larger organizations earlier in the year, the Chase Community Giving program will donate a total of $3,025,000 to smaller non-profit organizations as follows:

  • $250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes (rank 1);
  • $100,000 to the four runner-up Charities (ranks 2-5); and
  • $25,000 to the next 95 runner–up Charities (ranks 6-100).

Winning charities are selected according to votes received through FacebookVoting continues through 10 AM MST November 22, 2011Each Facebook account is allowed 10 votes, but only one vote per charity.  (No purchase is necessary to participate or vote).

To Vote for RMCFA: 

A Facebook account is required.   (When you arrive at the voting page in step 2, if confused by our
          underlying "true name", you can see the this RMCFA web page link for explanation of the name.)

(1)   Use this Facebook link to Log In to Facebook --
          (or create an account If you don’t have one, which you can delete after 11/23/2011, if you wish).

(2)  Click for the RMCFA voting page.

(3)  On the top left of the voting page (next to blue Chase hand print logo), click the "like" button.
          If your "like" button is "grayed out", you have apparently already performed this step.)

          (You may see a second "like" button toward the upper right -- clicking it is not needed to vote.)
          (If you want to vote for other charities, such as below, you will not need to do this step again.)

(4)  Click the "Vote and Share" button.  Your vote is cast at the moment you click that button.
        (A)  You will be offered a chance to "share" a comment.
              If you are willing, please share with friends and family via facebook.  Thank you!
                  If you choose to share, the graphic, link and text under the box where you type your
                  message will also be posted to your facebook page along with your message.
              (i)   type something (or nothing) to encourage friends/family to vote, and click "Share", OR
              (ii)  You may "cancel" that popup window.
        (B)  After you have voted and "canceled" or "shared," Facebook will switch to another page.
        (C)  To confirm your vote was successful, either use your brower's "Back" button, or use
               the link in step (2) again.  If you successfully voted, the "Vote and Share" button will
               be gone, replaced by the a text graphic saying "Thanks for your Vote!".

         . . . And, from RMCFA, Thanks for your Vote!

Additional Votes for other Charities:

When logged in to Facebook the Chase Community Giving page shows at the top how many votes you have remaining.
     - You may search for other charities for which you'd like to vote.
     - The "Top 100" under the "Leaderboard" drop-down menu shows rankings, updated twice daily.
     - Listed below are other worthy organizations you might want to support.
            -  Click on any of their short-form links to view their contest page, and follow step (4) above.

Organizations in the contest.

Coalition 4 ME/CFS & Coalition 4 Fibromyalgia organizations (besides RMCFA):

Other organizations:

After You Vote, you may want to:

(5)   Spread the word by using the   buttons on the right hand side of each organizations' Chase Community Giving profile page  and ‘Like’ the organization to give it more publicity. 

(6)   Use the comment section of the organizations'  Facebook profile pages to ask others to vote for RMCFA (whose short link is as well as your other favorite charities.

(7)   Invite your Facebook Friends to  go to and  "Like" Chase Community Giving and then vote for RMCFA ( as well as their favorite charities.

(8)   Come back to the RMCFA page on Chase ( throughout the contest and again share them on your Facebook and Twitter pages using the  buttons.

(9)   Ask your family and friends to vote for Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Associaition in the Chase Community Giving program.

Sample email message you might copy and email to family and friends (cut/paste text inside of box, not the whole box):

Would you please spend a couple of minutes to help me raise funds for the Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association (RMCFA)?  Use to vote for RMCFA to receive a donation from Chase Community Giving.

You may also want vote on Facebook for up to nine other charities authorized and registered in the Chase Community Giving programThe voting period ends November 22, 2011.  The Chase Community Giving program will donate $3,025,000 to non-profit organizations as follows:

-- $250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes (rank 1);
-- $100,000 to the four runner-up Charities (ranks 2-5); and
-- $25,000 to the next 95 runner–up Charities (ranks 6-100).

Please take just a few moments too help right now.  Vote for RMCFA at the first link above.

Millions of others around the world are afflicted with ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia.  For more information about the Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association, see

Thanks for your help.



   Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association   |   303-4-CFS-FMS  ( 303-423-7367 )